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Episcopal Church of Our Saviour Hillandale

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Help Save Our Rectory

The Church of Our Saviour (COS) Rectory, located at 10207 Greenacres Dr, Silver Spring, MD 20903, adjacent to the church, is a valuable asset of the church. As a one-minute walk place to get to the church it used to be the residence for our Rector. Now that place requires reparations in the order of $100K. We hope that to be a place from where the Rector could be accessible to minister the Church, keep an eye, and respond quickly in the event of an emergency.

Unfortunately, this facility now faces an imminent threat of foreclosure. That really would be a problem not only for the Rectory but for the health of the Church as we know it.

Due to financial difficulties brought on mainly by the COVID-19 crisis, our beloved church, the Episcopal Church of Our Saviour, “a home for all of God’s people,” is in jeopardy of losing not only this property but the capacity to pay another loan which could put our very church building at risk as well.

Nonetheless, we reaffirm our outreach mission with our community, like our Soup-to-Go programme and our partnership with the Samaritan Ministry. However, because of the this lamentable turn of events, we are now placed into a situation whereby we are, ourselves, in need of community assistance.

We are prayerfully requesting your generous assistance in this challenging time and gracefully thanking you for your prayers, blessings and support in raising the $267,000.00that we so desperately need.