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Env Wildlife Conservation Trust

ENV Wildlife Conservation Trust (ENV USA) was established in 2014 as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in the United States. The nonprofit is a sister organization to Education for Nature Vietnam (ENV), an NGO working to end the illegal wildlife trade in Vietnam.

http://www.envusa.org/ Tax ID 46-1721192


Our mission is to end the wildlife trade in Vietnam, a key player in the global wildlife trade.

ENV Wildlife Conservation Trust (ENV USA) works to end wildlife trafficking with our sister organization, Education for Nature Vietnam (ENV).

Together, we tackle the illegal wildlife trade in Vietnam through strategic on-the-ground efforts in three major program areas:

• Reduce consumer demand for wildlife and their products by educating the public through awareness activities, TV and radio announcements, community engagement, and viral campaigns.

• Respond to wildlife crime through operation of the national Wildlife Crime Hotline, mobilizing law enforcement to confiscate live wild animals and arrest wildlife criminals.

• Strengthen wildlife protection legislation, closing loopholes in the law and promoting sound policy and decision-making on a national level.