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Listening Together

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Envelop unites people within the best listening spaces in the world and provides artists with the ideal space to share their music. Over the last four years we have opened two permanent immersive audio venues (Envelop SF and Envelop SLC), two mobile listening spaces (Envelop Pop-Up and Envelop Satellite), hosted over 500 events and created a game-changing free and open-source software toolkit that allows artists to create immersive music easier than ever before. (Envelop for Live).

Envelop’s mission is to unite humanity through profound communal listening experiences. 

We achieve our mission through community-supported immersive audio venues, inspiring events, educational programs, and free open-source spatial audio software tools.

Our immersive audio venues and free open-source spatial audio tools, provide a space to deeply listen together. Envelop hosts events ranging from live performances and listening events, to wellness experiences and spatial audio education. With permanent venues in San Francisco, and Salt Lake City, and a portable listening space that can go anywhere, Envelop strives to share the social and emotional benefits of immersive listening with diverse communities. Envelop leads the future of immersive listening, bringing us back to our ancestral connection to sound, and enjoying the benefits of listening together.