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Dan Morrison's Fundraiser:

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Dan Morrison


First Peoples works with over 600 Indigenous communities around the world. However, we all have Indigenous roots and are all indigenous to planet Earth. Whether you live in New York City or in the Amazon Rainforest, we breath the same air, drink the same water and share the same climate. Under the weight of the current economy, our society and environment are screaming ENOUGH!

Our morden society looks to Silicon Valley and Bangalore, for the latest knowledge and technology. However, it is traditional knowledge that is often most valuable to us when solving some of the global challenges we face. Many Indigenous communities practice ENOUGHNESS - a system that takes just enough from the environment and gives enough back to maintain the critical natural systems we need to survive and thrive.

Not Indigenous? Well, here are three reasons to support Indigenous Peoples: 

Climate change: Indigenous Peoples’ are among the hardest hit by climate change because their way of life and livlihood depends on the eath's natural systems. Today, Indigenous communities are on the cutting edge of developing sustainable practices to adapt to and mitigate climate change. They are taking a direct, hands-on and holistic approach to protect their communities and environments through such things as hunting and fishing regulations, promoting sustainable agriculture and lifestyles, and education. See for yourself what Indigenous Peoples are facing by watching our Indigenous Stories of Climate Change video.

Conservation - Indigenous Peoples are the original conservationists. Living in close harmony with nature since time immemorial, they’ve developed an intimate system of knowledge regarding their land and local animals, and are keenly in tune with the intricate relationship between human, animal, and plant that allows an ecosystem to flourish. Yet modern conservationists often kick them off their land to create human-free conservation reserves and parks. As a result their are upwards of 20 million Indigenous people that have become “conservation refugees.” First Peoples helps restore Indigenous communities on the land and to actively plan and participate in conservation initiatives to create a healthier world for all who inhabit Mother Earth.

Food security – There are 350 million Indigenous Peoples in the world and each of their cultural food systems may contain up to 250 species of traditional food. Indigenous food systems are healthy, locally-based, and sustainable, meaning they are better for the economy, the environment, and for you. Indigenous agriculture is designed to work with the environment, creating crops that are more resistant to drought and blight and that provide the proper nutrients and health needs for a particular community. To learn more about threats to Indigenous food and water security, watch First Peoples’ production “Now We Are Hungry” and check out our new Native Abundance initiative.

Help us keep this traditional knowledge alive and growing - by making a year-end donation to First Peoples, you'll be helping us provide grants to Indigenous Initiatives on climate change, food security, and conservation in over 50 countries. This holiday season, say ENOUGH and return to your roots and help build a healthier and more sustainable future based on ENOUGHNESS.

We thank you for making your year end donation to First Peoples and supporting Indigenous Peoples around the world.



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