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End Child Labor and Child Abuse in Pakistan

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Child labor in Pakistan is the employment of children for work in Pakistan, which causes mental, physical, moral and social harm to children. The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan estimated that 12 million children were working in the country, half of which were under the age of ten. It was estimated that one-quarter of the country’s work force was made up of children. The International Labor Organization (ILO) suggests that poverty is the greatest single cause of child labor. Pakistan has a per-capita income of approximately $1900. A middle-class person in Pakistan earns around $5 a day on average. By the late 1990s, Pakistan had come to account for 75 percent of total world production of footballs (or “soccer" balls in the US), and 71 percent of all soccer ball imports into the United States. The International Labour Rights Forum and allies called attention to rampant child labor, in the soccer ball industry. According to investigations, thousands of children between the ages of 5 and 14 were putting in as many as 10 to 11 hours of stitching per day. Child Labor is defined as work that has the potential to deprive children of their childhood, their dignity and is also harmful to their physical, moral and mental development and it interferes with their education (either by not allowing them to attend school, leaving school prematurely i.e., without compulsory education or forcing them to combine school attendance with heavy work.). More than 20 million children are out of school in Pakistan, they either work or starve. These children are exposed to physical violence, long working hours, and dangerous working conditions. Over 1 million children under the age of 5 die every year from preventable disease. “10-year old had his hand crushed by his brick factory owner boss for refusing to work.” “Iqbal Masih was sold into bondage by his family to pay for his brother’s wedding as they had borrowed $6 from the local employer who owned a carpet weaving business. In return, Iqbal was required to work as a carpet weaver until the debt was paid. 14 hours every day, from first light to midnight, he and his friends were tightly bound with CHAINS to prevent escape. At the age of 10, he managed to escape and helped over 3000 Pakistani children escape to freedom. At an age of 13, he was threatened and murdered. As low amount as $30 can pay for 10 child workers so they can get an education, health care, and Legal Service. We want to make a home for children where they could live hygienically and get a quality education by paying off their debts and making legal cases against institution harboring a worse form of slavery and sexual abuse by Pedophiles. Help Save a child and educate them. Our target is to build a safe home with educational and medical facilities for 1000 vulnerable children every year. And we want to surpass our target. Little child Dry your crying eyes How can I explain The fear you feel inside 'Cause you were born Into this evil world Where man is killing man And no one knows just why What have we become Just look what we have done All that we destroyed You must build again When the children cry Let them know we tried 'Cause when the children sing Then the new world begins Why trust us? Because Pakistan has a youth bulge of 65% population If you want, we will alert you with every progress. Email us at: urooj.ashraf@youngpakistanpeacecorps.org



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