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E N Bates Music Enrichment Program Inc

We Envision a Musical Community of Children

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Our mission is to provide piano lessons, using the group piano lab for children, ages 5-17 years regardless of payment capability.


In urban areas, there is little public funding. Schools have been relying more on private funds and patrons of the arts to provide creative outlets for students. There has also been a growing trend on nonprofit arts organizations setting aside more funding for arts education and outreach to local schools.
The E N Bates Music Enrichment Program will invest musically in our children by:

    Showcasing their training in piano recitals

    Providing community music-related events to raise awareness for music education

    Engaging in systematic fundraising activities for a long-term, high-quality music program

    Collaborating with other non-profit organizations that share the vision of cultural development in our communities.

The initiatives listed are examples of the climate that we want to create - where students can be serious about studying music, while engaging their communities in the arts.