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Empower Somerset Inc

Encouraging prevention with education and resources



EmPoWER Somerset assists individuals and families in making positive lifestyle choices and promotes healthy drug-free communities through education, collaboration and connections to resources.   EmPoWER Somerset is also the parent organization of the Pioneer (formerly EmPoWER) Family Success Center whose mission is to provide an environment to strengthen and empower individuals and families and to build connections among families and the community.  In 2019 we are proud to celebrate 45 years of service to the community in Somerset County, New Jersey and surrounding areas. 

We are a very unique organization, providing a variety of educational programs across the lifespan from preschool to retirement, using evidence-based curriculums with documented success in enhancing positive life skills such as communication, stress management, improving family relationships, physical, emotional and financial wellness and more.   We’re able to do this by collaborating with a variety of partners to connect with individuals and families in the communities we serve. delivers a diverse range of school and community programs programs to serves individuals from preschool to retirement. 

One of our exciting new initiatives is Mental Health First Aid.  We recently trained 24 individuals as certified instructors and we are now offering Mental Health First Aid trainings throughout the community. We have two programs, one with a focus on helping veterans and one that focuses on helping youth, and we are fortunate to be able to offer the youth program in English and Spanish.

Mental Health First Aid is an 8-hour training to increase mental health awareness and sensitivity and teach effective ways to assist someone experiencing a mental health crisis including what to say / what not to say and how to connect them to local resources. Our Pioneer Family Success Center provides additional support by educating individuals and families about mental health resources that are available in the community, and providing warm referrals to services when additional help is needed.