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Emmanuel Academies Inc

Raising up and equipping leaders for the greater Church!

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Emmanuel Academies was formed with the ultimate goal of Preparing Leaders for Service within their Communities and to Build Congregations, Ministries and Careers supporting intercultural and demographic acceptance and adaptation as we do our part to fulfill the Great Commission.

We do this through innovative and integrated programs, including:

a) Our highly innovative 5 Year Pastoral Leadership Degree Program, which allows students called to serve the church and congregations to earn both a Bachelor degree and a Master of Divinity degree over 5 years where they are, through a program that is more accessible and flexible and less expensive and time consuming than traditional 8 year residential programs.

b) Our outcome-focused, context-based theological education Master of Divinity through our collaborative partner, Sioux Falls Seminary and their Kairos Platform, fosters and ensures the mastery of skills and knowledge while one learns and serves within a congregation (without the need for relocation). We serve both students in the US and abroad, ensuring appropriate contextual learning!

c)  Faith, Vocation and Economics lecture series, programs and activities foster the bridging of one’s faith to their daily lives and service to their family, colleagues and neighbors, as the participate in and foster the further flourishing of their communities and its economies.

d) Specialized leadership and innovation educational programs for lay and ordained community and congregational leaders covering areas including collaborative innovation, building and maintaining trust, communications, development, strategic planning, budgeting, marketing, etc.

e) Implementing and supporting other programs that foster the raising up of future leaders, as well as vocational and educational success.