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BASED: Philipsburg, PA, United States

CHARITY WEBSITE: www.emilywhiteheadfoundation.org

Activate the Cure!

Our mission is to Activate the Cure for Childhood Cancer by raising awareness and funding for innovative childhood cancer treatments that are less toxic and more targeted, such as immunotherapy, and to support families fighting childhood cancer.

The Emily Whitehead Foundation is a non-profit that raises research funds and awareness for childhood cancer. The Foundation aims to provide funding for research to develop less toxic and more effective treatments for childhood cancer.

Read How Cancer Research Saved Emily's Life: In May 2010, when Emily was 5-years old, she was diagnosed with  acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Typically, about 90% of children with this type of cancer are cured after a two year regimen of chemotherapy; however, Emily’s relapsed twice and the leukemia became resistant to standard chemotherapy. Emily was unable to get back into remission and her doctors felt they had run out of options to treat the cancer. Not willing to give up, we enrolled her in a phase I clinical trial. The treatment, called T-cell therapy, was highly experimental but it was Emily’s only chance for a cure. Emily is the first child in the world to receive T-cells that were genetically modified to recogize and kill cancer cells. The T-cell therapy worked and Emily has been in remission since May 2012. We share her story to inspire others to take action in the fight against pediatric cancer. For more information visit: www.EmilyWhiteheadFoundation.org





Tax ID: 47-2277599 • www.emilywhiteheadfoundation.org


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