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Best Gift Ever: Life and Health.

$3,000 Dollars in 100 days

I was asked recently the question "are you a runner"? I almost spoke without thinking- wanting to immediately go the easy response and say "no", yet I paused. My pause was because I am a strong woman in which has overcome obstacles in life- much harder than running. Many of these obstacles were assisted by the hands of many gifted doctors. One step, one foot, one goal at a time.
I am a runner and I am a strong woman- Determined to make an impact. I want to show anyone that anything is possible. I have ran many half marathons- but this will be my first 26 mile run.
A run of endurance, heart and passion.
In life we must always have goals and be pushing ourselves harder than we ever thought possible. No one will ever grow when they stay in their comfort zone. People aren't born amazing, they work to become amazing. My mother- a health professional- has overcome poverty, cancer, childbirth and more. She is my rock, my strength and by far my largest support. I am running passionately on Team Doctors Without Borders for her and my other strong female doctors who challenge themselves everyday for the needs of others.
Feelings of excitement, nervousness and determination arise when I think of the goal I have set. With support, I will be able to strongly train for and complete a race that contributes to an amazing world changing cause.
You're helping to make it possible for our doctors to deliver emergency medical care to men, women, and children who are trapped by natural disasters, epidemics, and outbreaks of violence. Every surgery, every vaccine, every gallon of clean drinking water that we provide is a powerful message that the world still cares.
I am asking for a donation to make it possible for me to attend the New York Marathon, but also support the needs of all physicians who risk their health and safety to help others out of the comfort of their country.



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