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Emerson Reform's Fundraiser:

Help Emerson Reform fund our Arts and Activism Fair and Testimonial Campaign!

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Reform is an on-campus grassroots network of students who are apprehensive about the impact drug use and the war on drugs has on our community.

Reform seeks to mobilize and empower young people to participate in pushing for comprehensive drug education, and sensible policies on campus, locally, and nationally to bring about a safe and more just future!

We created this fundraiser page to fund our projects for the rest of spring semester:

Arts and Activism Fair

The goal for this event is to showcase how art and activism intersect and to raise awareness of the causes represented by Emerson’s unrecognized organizations. We will have free food and music at the event. We are also asking participating organizations to submit some artwork with a political message relevant to their cause, which will be displayed at the event. In between the bands' sets, each participating organization will have the opportunity to speak about their cause for a few minutes. In addition, we will be handing out a brochure, which will include all of the organizations' missions and a pertinent suggested action for students to take. We are seeking donations to pay for printing costs and food at this event.

Testimonial Campaign

This campaign seeks to garner awareness about the growing number of issues related to drugs and prohibition. The primary goal of this campaign is to begin an active dialogue about the changing political, economic, and social landscape as a result of decriminalization, medicalization, and legalization of marijuana. This campaign seeks to promote drug policy education, destigmatize drug policy discussion and expose the consequences of prohibition. Secondarily, our goals are to see a noticeable increase in membership attendance and an increase in social media activity.

We plan to accomplish this by taking pictures of Emerson students, parents, faculty, and workers. Then we will gather their quotes expressing support for one of Reform’s key messages: marijuana legalization, medical marijuana, comprehensive drug education, on-campus policy reform, ending racist enforcement of drug laws and general support of Emerson Reform. Zach, our poster-maker extraordinaire, will design posters using the pictures and quotes. The posters will be printed and hung around school and be posted online. They will also be displayed at our Arts and Activism Fair. We seek donations for printing costs.



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Emerson is working on selecting a charity so you can support Help Emerson Reform fund our Arts and Activism Fair and Testimonial Campaign!.