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Emerald M Therapeutic Riding Center

Hope, Renewal, and Growth- Through the use of equine assisted therapies, we strive to bring hope into the lives of the people we serve, provide them with a renewed sense of self, and give them an opportunity for growth.


We  physical therapy incorporating hippotherapy, therapeutic/adaptive horse riding, and Powerful Equine Assisted Counseling Experiences.  We serve children and adults with disabilties, Veterans, their spouses, and Gold Star family members.   

Our aim for in-depth experiences and an experience far beyond a traditional clinical therapy appointment.

Hippotherapy:  A medically based modality that requires a licensed physical, occupational, or speech therapist.  It uses the movement of the horse to influence the patient’s response to ultimately achieve functional outcomes such as: improved core strength, balance, walking, and coordination.

Therapeutic/ Adaptive Riding:  A recreational activity provided by a horse-riding instructor who adapts the equestrian sport to the rider’s disability. Goals include horsemanship skills and horse riding.

Powerful Equine Assisted Counseling Experiences: Horses can weigh up to 1,200 pounds. Having the ability to handle and work alongside an animal so massive is guaranteed to improve self-confidence, empowerment, and trust. Horses can decrease a human’s blood pressure and heart rate increasing levels of beta-endorphins (pain suppressor), feeling lower levels of stress and reducing feelings of tension, anxiety, and anger.

Healing Hearts through Horses: Part of our PEACE program, this is specifically designed to reach our Gold Star family members who need extra support during their grieving and healing process.

Veterans Program: As equine assisted mental health programs rise in our area; equine assisted rehabilitative services are slow to match demand. In 2020 we aim to meet our Veteran’s needs by switching our focus to physical therapy incorporating hippotherapy services for Veterans with traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, or amputation.