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EVENT DATE: Jul 07, 2015

DEADLINE TO GIVE: Aug 18, 2015

The eMentor Leadership Program is an award-winning, online mentoring program serving military personnel, veterans and military spouses. The eMentor Program leverages cutting-edge web-based technology to provide a dynamic suite of tools for personalized career guidance, support and inspiration.


The eMentor Program works to connect as many participating protégés with volunteer mentors as possible to help them form constructive, meaningful mentoring relationships that will support and enable them to reach their goals and highest potential.  The participants, the military, and the nation all realize the positive impact of this program through the personal and professional achievements of participants. 


eMentor protégés and mentors start by completing an online profile. From there, protégés can search for and select a mentor. When the mentor accepts the protégé’s invitation, the relationship begins. The mentoring pair works together to establish goals, develop an action plan, and measure progress. The pair are guided in the conduct of their relationship by a series of brief training emails received throughout their relationship and an online engagement planning tool.  Both of these features together provide them with a set of best practices and relevant resources for creating a successful online relationship. Mentor and protégé communicate primarily online, but may decide to talk on the phone or even meet in person. The default mentoring relationship length is six months but pairs can shorten or extend their relationships depending on the protégé’s needs.


Our success metrics show increased retention for uniformed protégés, increased rates of promotion, increased levels of confidence, morale and feelings of inclusion, success in meeting challenges in professional life, improved leadership and coaching skills, assistance received with job search and job search prep, with meeting other challenges in personal/family life, with other issues related to transition to civilian life, and with traumatic life events or related mental health issues (depression, PTSD, etc.). 


eMentor uses mentoring to bridge the divide between geographically dispersed veterans so that proteges are better equipped with the skills and resources critical for personal and professional development. Learn more at veteranementor.org


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