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Elevate Oakland

Restoring equity for our communities with music and arts programming for our young people.

www.elevateoakland.org Tax ID 80-0717753


Elevate Oakland is a non-profit that provides culturally vibrant art and music programs to Oakland’s youth. 

Founded in 2011 by Sheila E., Lynn Mabry, Yoshie Akiba of Yoshi’s Oakland, and Jason Hofmann, our mission to provide students with opportunities to engage in art and music programming has led us to partner with public schools to meet a wide variety of needs, ranging from the provision of musical instruments to facilitating opportunities for students to perform alongside local professional musicians. To date, Elevate Oakland has successfully served over 3,000 youth at over 30 Oakland public schools. 

Elevate Oakland leverages music & the arts to provide life-changing tools desperately needed for our youth to accomplish their goals, enrich their lives, and inspire them to strive for greatness. Across its programs, the focus is not on creating professional musicians, but instead on utilizing music and the arts as a conduit to get students excited about learning.

We are committed that all young people in Oakland Public Schools have equitable access to art & music education as a catalyst for supporting students in all aspects of social-emotional wellness, thereby increasing their academic and developmental success, self-expression, relationships and confidence as civic members and global citizens.

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