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Ekwe Nche

We seek equity and help bring to justice agents of governmenrt who have enguaged in torture of their own people.

http://ekwenche.org Tax ID 36-4249529


Ekwe Nche seeks equity and help bring to justice agents of government who have enguaged in torturing  and victimization of their own people. We seek  legal relief to the victims of state sponsored tortures and extrajudicial killings or victims intimidated beyond measure by government agents.  Also we are a research institute conducting a research to ascertain and facilitate accurate dissemination of information to actively stop all forms and acts of genocide.  

Ekwe Nche a 501(c) Organization,  Sponsoring Victims of Extra-judicial killings. “150-Defenseless Youths Killed in Nigeria Protesting for Justice” (Amnesty.org 11/24th 2016 and CNN 11/24th/16) Need $50,000 to help Victims go to U.S.  Supreme  Court.  Visit our torture victims legal fund website http://torturevictimslegalfund.website/  or  http://ekwenche.org  for more details.