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With your contribution, Ekipi creates a more equitable world through the joy of sports.

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Ekipi facilitates physical activity and sporting opportunities for underprivileged youth worldwide.

Our world is home to an estimated 1.8 billion young people. A large percentage of them come from poor, underprivileged and war-torn environments. Research shows that children who play sports have fewer emotional and behavioral problems, and develop stronger mental health. Sports also reduce the risk of chronic diseases and mortality rates. Psychologically, exercise helps young minds fight mental depression and anxiety. We at Ekipi engage with schools, clubs, professional sports training, health, and other nonprofit organizations to implement sporting curricula, and provide underprivileged children with the right equipment and training for their favorite sporting activities. 

Ekipi collects used sports gear & apparel from donors and distribute them to less fortunate kids. This helps us achieve a sustainable supply chain and, combined with monetary donations, equip more kids. We coordinate pick-up or drop-off with donors. We take care of the cleaning and sanitization of donated items. As you can understand, we expect that donated items are in good condition.

Ekipi projects are currently executed in Belize, India, and Kenya. We would like to build worldwide operations with focus on Africa, Asia, Central, and Latin America. While doing that, we are actively looking for opportunities to bring the joy of sports to underprivileged youth in the US, home country of Ekipi.

We really do not exist without you. Your monetary and in-kind donations are our only source of funds. We welcome suggestions from you about who we can potentially help, who we should partner with, and how we can grow as an organization. You are our promoters and marketers. Tell your friends and families about Ekipi. Join us as a core team member. 

You and we together - we are Ekipi!