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Eisenhower Center Inc

The Eisenhower IKE Center is a Gold-Star Vocational Rehabilitation Center empowering Adults with Disabilities in Milwaukee, WI

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The Eisenhower IKE Center is a gold-star vocational rehabilitation center empowering adults with disabilities in Milwaukee, WI. In 1971 Barbara Rowland was asked to pass through doors to view the activities of a small group of adults with disabilities. To her dismay she had passed through doors to Dante’s Inferno. The misery she saw led her to pledge her life to creating a new vision of a Center where dignity and respect could be honored for those less fortunate. The IKE Center grew to embody the opportunity for those told of their limits, to dream of new possibilities. To strive for both physical and financial independence through mentored training with the ability to work for a paycheck and a fuller life with meaning for themselves and the greater community. The IKE Center has created a caring and loving family where adults with disabilities are taught, trained, and inspired to reach beyond their limits.