EECM Ambassador Program

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The Story

171,000 people in Allegheny County are food insecure.

Children in poverty are 10x more likely to drop out of school and adolescents in the area have shared with EECM staff their expectation that they will die or be incarcerated by their 20th birthday.

Affordable housing in Pittsburgh is disappearing at rapid rates, with 5-year waiting lists for subsidized housing for affordable units.


Pittsburgh needs you.


East End Cooperative Ministry is a multi-service agency pursuing a humanitarian vision of eradicating poverty with both social and economic returns. With five overarching goals, we deploy 21st century evidence-based strategies to advance our mission to build a community of opportunity in Pittsburgh.


Why us might you ask?


Your fundraising and donations would address children, housing, employment, education, and access to healthy food. EECM’s programs tackle poverty on a holistic approach, and your participation in this campaign could help support multiple causes that are important to you, all in one organization! Find out more about what we do at


Raise for Hunger: Support our Community Nutrition Services program as it feeds 450 families per month in the food pantry and serves 62,000 hot meals a year


Raise for the children: Support our Children and Youth program in serving 1,200 East End children with in-school and afterschool programs designed to give them a world of opportunity


Raise for the homeless: Support our IMPACTS program as it provides over 500 individuals with a place to stay and a path out of poverty and to living a sustainable, independent life


Our goal is to raise $15,000 through our EECM Ambassador’s, helping us to be able to continue the work we do in the Pittsburgh community.