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In order for you to understand why your support is going to make a huge difference I am going to tell you about where I come from.

English is not my first language. Please, while reading this story, be as patient and understanding as you can because there probably will be some grammatical errors in it.

Here we go: I was born and raised in a small and remote town. Growing up, I saw numbers of children who went to school, but never came home with a drawing, writing, or anything of the sort because they didn't have a pen or a pencil to write with, nor notebooks to write on. Whenever we were able to draw something on a piece of paper, we used ink from plants because we didn't have crayons. Now, how did we learn to write and read? we went to school and spent weeks memorizing the alphabet, and phrase formation not through a book. Instead, we spent weeks yelling out the words the teacher dictated because most of the times he did not have chalk to write on the wood-made-blackboard. This went on until one was able to read and write. Then, if you were lucky, you could proceed to 8th grade, and get your high school diploma, or you would have to join your parents to work on the farm. Farming conditions weren't and still aren't the best. close to 75% of farmers can only afford to feed their own family for a few weeks from every crop. NO MACHINES!!!!

Growing up, I never heard children my age talk about becoming a Doctor, a nurse, a pilot, an accountant or anything that required a degree. You might probably say this was because we lacked imagination or vision. Believe me, that was not the case. It was because College and a good education wasn’t available.

I believe now you are probably getting the picture of where I come from and what getting an education means. Please keep up with me because I am still not done. Now, out of thousands of children, I was the lucky one who got the chance to go to High School; however, this didn't set me apart from all other boys that grew up with me because even if you went to high school, the probabilities of using your high school diploma for any purpose was as hard as it is to get a camel through a needle. You probably can now imagine that there was not much motivation to do well in school because it didn't not make a difference if you had. Getting a job was difficult.

In 2011, I got the opportunity to move to the USA. With that, I started dreaming about the possibility of going to school again and becoming somebody for my family and friends who are still in Africa, and all the other young people in my village who do not have anything to aspire to. I realized that if I was able to acquire a high school education, I could help my brothers and sisters in Mozambique. I can go back and teach what I know. I can become a voice of influence and inspiration. I realized that I can actually be a witness and help many realize that all things are possible. I saw that my education will help my brothers and sisters awaken to the reality that.. yes they are poor, yes they have no help, and have no way to make their dead dreams come alive, but most importantly, I can help them realize that despite the situation they are in, they don't have settle because my life will be a witness to them. I will be somebody whom they see grow under the same circumstances as theirs, but was able to break free from that pitch dark hole.

When I got to the US, I didn't bring my high school diploma because as I mentioned above, it never mattered if I had done high school. And so, when I got to the states and doors opened, I immediately started working on getting my GED. I had it a few weeks after my arrival. When I received my diploma, I started teaching myself to write, and read English better, which took about 12hrs a day. When I was ready, I took my diploma to college and was accepted. I look back and think about how I had to first conquer prerequisites for my nursing degree such as English I & II, level 1 through level College level of Algebra, Human Anatomy and Physiology I & II, Microbiology and all other classes I have never taken before. To make it worse English my 4th language. It was hard but because I knew how big of a shot I had in my hands, with a lot of toil, I made through all the required classes and finished with a 3.88 GPA. All these classes i've taken, did not give me a degree, but they gave me a spot that hundreds of naturally English speaking students wanted to get, but weren't able to.

When I was accepted, I was planning on just getting my RN, but then I thought about how much I would be able to inspire my people back home if I were to pursue an even higher education. I thought how many more people could I help If I were to become a Doctor in a place where there is only one Doctor for every ten thousand people. Right now, I am scared to death, but I am determined to become a Doctor, not for myself, but for the responsibility I feel for being chosen to come to this country and have an opportunity to pursue my education. Why do I want to become a doctor? Well, the answer could be wordy or as simple as "The possibilities will be endless"

Yeah! I did not raise even a quarter of all the money I need for school and have not paid for my classes, but I am excited to get started this week. For my last few paragraphs on this fundraiser, I want to thank everyone who visited this page, and those who shared it on their walls of social media. Also, I want to mention that although I have promises from very awesome and generous friends, my classes have not been paid for. Now, this statement might arise the question I've had to face since I started this fundraiser, which is, "Why don't you get grants, or student loans?" Well, It seems like because I am considered a minority, and that I don't have relatives here to help me get through school, I should get grants. You would be surprised to find that I have spent the last two years looking for grants, but I didn't qualify for any of them. In sum, there are no grants for people like me. What about Option 2.... student loans? Before I can answer this question, I am going to ask a question, too. "Who out there has gone through school with student loans and didn't feel afterwards like they had to put away any calling, desires, and destinies because they owed a large amount of money in student loans, which demanded that they work 10 to 20 years till the debt is paid instead of going after that which inspired them to pursue an education? My wife and I can testify to this first hand. My wife and I have been paying student loans for the last 5 years, and probably will for the next 10 years or so. You can probably imagine that If I get students loans to go school, that will add more years to our debt. The next question might be, What is the problem with working to pay off students loans? The answer is plain and simple, I am not going to school so I can get a good job, get paid and use the money to pay off debt for the rest of my life. My wife and I's inspiration is to pursue education in order to acquire skills and finances that will help create a bridge to many who do not have opportunities to pursue education, have a good job, buy a meal and have basic health care treatment. I am pursuing health care so I can be a Doctor, or a nurse in a community where there is 1 nurse for every 2000 people. I am not taking the student loan route because I want to use my paycheck to buy medicine for somebody dying. I am not taking the student loan route because I want to use my paycheck to send somebody to school. And finally, i am not taking the student loan route because I know that nothing is impossible and that as hard as it may seem, I know that there is provision for everything.

I know that what I wrote may not compel you to support me in anyway you can, but i believe that this will be a reason for to awaken whatever rests in your heart. I hope that this fundraiser will get you inspired again for a cause that you deeply believe in.



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