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It's a good day when a life is saved!!!

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Eddy Alvarez has patrolled the edge of the Everglades, Redlands, Homestead area for the past 24 years, feeding abandoned dogs, cats, birds, etc on a daily basis. Eddy feeds at least 30 - 40 dogs on any given day. He has been doing this on his own, most of the time paying for vetting out of his own pocket and getting scraps from restaurants so the dogs would not go hungry, until a few years ago that he started receiving dog food donations.

Eddy’s Dogs aka Eddy's K9 Rescue is a 501(C)3 non profit organization committed to the rescue and placement of unwanted or abandoned animals. Based in Florida, Eddy has helped hundreds of dogs by bringing them out of the dangerous areas in the Everglades, vetting, nurturing, rehabilitating and finding them loving forever homes. These are wonderful, loving animals that often only need love, compassion and a little understanding or training to make them an incredibly awesome family member and best friend. Because there are so many abandoned dogs in the Everglades, mostly big dogs, we are limited in how many can be brought in. Therefore, the small dogs, pregnant/with puppies or dogs that are hurt or in immediate danger are brought in first as they will not survive in the wild. Most of the dogs we take in are malnourished, ill, injured or been abused, so you can imagine vet expenses are quite expensive. Eddy tries to vet them himself by giving them dewormer, flea and tick medication, etc. and trying to keep them as healthy as possible until it’s their turn to be brought in.

Eddy’s Dogs houses as many as we can, but we are limited in space. It is painful to turn away a pet in need because we know what its fate will most likely be!

These lives are precious…We believe that if an animal has the courage to survive the abuse and neglect, it deserves to be medically treated and live its remaining years, no matter how old or their condition is they will get a second chance in a loving home.