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HELP THE CHILDREN NOW! The April 25 earthquake in Nepal destroyed many lives and hundreds of homes, orphanages, and schools in ELA-Supported communities. No resources are available to recover from the destruction. Thousands are dead. ELA is Dr. T's Nepali humanitarian organization, supported by the American 501c3 Nonprofit Ecopolitan, an International NGO recognized by Nepal's government. We educate and protect 16,000 Nepali children, build orphanages, provide mothers’ education, and support community infrastructure. Urgent Needs: 1. New orphans will need to join our orphanages (the only ones in that area). 2. Our schools will have to be rebuilt so the children are not at risk of child trafficking. 3. Community centers and homes will have to be rebuilt to prevent community breakdown. 4. A large urgent-care / first-aid / community clinic must be built for these remote rural areas. 5. A guesthouse for volunteers and disaster-relief workers must be built near the clinic. Help prevent horrendous suffering of children and their communities. Thank you for caring!

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