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Economy of Our Own

Virginia Woolf said a woman needed an income and a room of her own. But we believe women can build an entire economy of their own—one that values our diversity, is driven by women’s ideas and leadership, and wages life, not war. No more business as usual!

http://aneconomyofourown.org Tax ID 82-4281568


We put YOU at the center of an economic agenda for 2021 and our future. 


By sharing how women (and the men who love us) can finance all those things we’ve been told Americans cannot afford.

By introducing you to female and pro-female economic thinkers and activists with exciting ideas and organizations.

By helping you disarm an unjust economy waged as war by a tiny minority of privileged men.. We can and will wage life.

By uniting women across divisions of race, sexuality, gender, religion, and nationality that only benefit the One Percent.

By helping you to change “women’s issues” into everyone’s issues, while making women and the planet count.