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Lets turn everything Eco Green! IN a fun cool way, info...

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Companies, products, celebrities go Eco Green & Promote Eco Green Causes this is good! Lets take it further & help empower people so they can participate by empowering people with Eco Green replacements & activities. Lets face it most of us cannot afford a eco car, but other Eco Products that are affordable & practical can in fact save us money, our health & our environment. We need to promote these products so they become as normal as say the twisty light bulb that you now have. There are other Cool products that are as cheap, fun while being the most Eco Green. I have a new RAW STAR Ceramic Knife that is only $25 and is the only one made out of Eco Luxurious Bamboo Handles everyone should have one but not everyone knows about it, I also want to open a all natural RAW Organic Eco Green Cuisine National Chain of Restaurants based on my amazing delicious cuisines, recipes, snacks & desserts they will be the most Eco Green Cuisine & offer the best eco delicious organic foods at around $5 to $8 each & are fast food replacements which are destroying our health & environment! My RAW STAR Fast Food places would SAVE our health, save money, is 100% Organic, Eco, recycles everything is the most solar powered, eco green & fun possible with books, workshops, classes, inexpensive new Eco Products like wrapping that has flower seeds embedded in it so when you throw it away plants & flowers will grow while being 100% recycled paper & biodegradable, bamboo everything from plates, utensils, clothing & it will be amazing & help save our health, save money, save our environment & save the World together in the most fun fashionable and delicious ways possible! Basically we make everything fun and ECO GREEN we are not making money just to make money we will help people and the planet.

I also have a new $2 Eco Chef App that is fun & popular reached #4 on the & APP STORE with all 5 star ratings and reviews for your iPhone, iPod, iPad and is in the TOP TEN LIST & TOP FIVE LIST Apple is even featuring it in the WHAT'S HOT front page of & people love it so I hope you will get it as it will help our cause. Every product sold a new tree will be planted! Please donate and contact me thank you this is a very good idea and project that everyone can participate, be part of something special, change the world and save it together in the most fun, fashionable and delicious ways possible.

Eco Chef Bryan Au



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