ECF Children's Fund Inc

ECF Children's Fund Inc
ECF Children's Fund Inc
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ECF Children's Fund, Inc

The ECF Children's Fund (The Ethiopian Children's Fund) and ECF Village in Aleltu, Ethiopia

The mission of the ECF Children's Fund (The Ethiopian Children's Fund) is to uplift vulnerable children and adolescents in extreme poverty, and to do so sustainably though education, nutrition and primary health care. 



The ECF Children's Village and School was established by the ECF Children's Fund to support the education and protection of some of the poorest and marginalized children in Ethiopia.  Currently, the Children’s Village and School educates some 750 children a year and employs over 70 people, and it serves as an education-based child safety net that comes with an integrated set of basic services such as health and nutrition.  In 2010, we celebrated the first graduating class, and today a total of 47 students are in universities around Ethiopia, majoring in medicine, law, engineering, and journalism.  ECF is based on a private-public-community partnership and includes a partially self-sustaining farming operation and environmental program to help contain costs. In 1999, the ECF Children's Fund was pioneered by Anna Getaneh, a social and cultural entrepreneur who built up this spirited institution with several committed and capable individuals, companies, and public institutions in Ethiopia and internationally.

ECF Children's Fund owes much of our progress to the fruitful partnerships with dedicated individuals, businesses, development organizations and indeed the communities themselves.  Our international structure remains 100% pro-bono. But as much progress as we have made; however, ECF Village does not have a secure future without an Endowment Fund and child sponsors for all the children. We appeal to all friends and supporters, individuals, organizations and businesses to come on board and help sustain the ECF Village as we move forward to continuing this joint journey of giving back and rediscovering our common good in this interdependent and fragile world. 


The Children of ECF value your support.  Enamesegenalen.


“I would really like to thank all the people who support ECF.  Without ECF I would not be able to afford an education and would have no hope for a better future.”  -Frehiwot Negash, 11 years old, current ECF student


Anna Getaneh and the ECF Team


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Tax ID: 13-3725438


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