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Evidence Based California, Inc.

We are on a Mission to Improve Long Term Behavioral Outcomes through advocacy for empirically proven, multiculturally sensitive method adoption in California.


Our Mission is to bring public awareness to the changing tides of addiction treatment - where longer IOP and OP stays are becoming more cost effective in the long run for the client.   Its our goal to help those without a home to quickly have a place to rest their heads at night,   

Our goal is to work closely with the Los Angeles City and  County and with other local State, County or local programs to help get people fed, clothed and off the streets for good.    

Evidence Based California, Inc., our company, is a registered 501(c)3 private charity, focused on helping the indigent, those that need help the most.  

We are also applying as a Residential and Outpatient Treatment Center that conducts evidence based research studies.  For example, we have heard siffering viewpoints on whether trans-cranial-magnetic stimulatioon  or TCMS, apparently has a lasting - and very calming effect - on people who practice it.      

Also, as future MH and SUD  Treating Facility, we will be applying for DMC sponsorship so that we can provide all levels of care to our patients and other MediCAL recipients.