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Evidence Based California, Inc.

Using latest innovations in brain science such as improved anxiety and depression cognition, technology a


Our Mission is to bring public awareness to the changing tides of addiction treatment - where longer IOP and OP stays are providing meaningful, measurable outcomes and sustainable improvements to behavior to a wider group of individuals suffering from homelessmess, mental health disorders and substance abuse.   Our first event was run by David and myself initially nor about 24 days we spent distributing water bottles and socks.   We were able to provide some relief to our local homeless patrons in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles county.  

As a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving mental health by bringing awareness to empriically supported methods of treatment and the most effective delivery of such treatment, through client spefiic feedback informed care, we believe  our organization will bring greater awareness of the need for additionakl studies needed to provide empirical data to support research that multicultural immersive training can most likely bridge the divide between current practices and reactionary movements.  

Our goal is to work closely with leaders in the fields of behavioral healthcare that represent all facets of the industry, including private corporations, nonprofit  foundations, public officers in local, county and State government, as well as research institutions such as local universities as well as recruitment of interns;  

Evidence Based California, Inc., our company, is a registered 501(c)3 private charity, focused onhelping the indigent, those that need help the most, by bringing greater awareness to current and future evidence based practices that improve the lives of each member, at all levels of care.  

We are also applying for licensure to provide Residential and Outpatient Treatment Center that conducts evidence based research studies.  To this end, we hope to attract both leaders for our Board from other nonprofit foundations, private and public sectors, local and federal government levels, so that our message:  inclusion 

Also, as future MH and SUD  Treating Facility, we will be applying for DMC sponsorship so that we can provide all levels of care to our patients and other MediCAL recipients. 

But for now, we are looking for donations from our volunteers and supporters, and content and input from copy writers, internet marketers, personalities, politicians, in. addition to healthcare  workers as well as interested members of the public who have been effected either directly or indirectly by witnessing someone with a mental health disorder and/or a substance problem.