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Easy Water for Everyone

Gallons of Hope for Communities in need

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Founded by Dr. Nathan Levin and Linda Donald, Easy Water for Everyone is a non-profit organization on a mission to bring pure and safe drinking water to every person who lives in a rural community with no access to electricity.

How it began

Dr. Levin and Linda were working on a project in Israel that involved their expertise in dialysis — the process of removing excess water, solutes, and toxins from the blood for people with kidney disease.

While in Israel, they discovered something that would change the course of their lives — and many others. A Tel Aviv-based company, NUFiltration, Ltd., had developed a process in which they sterilized used kidney dialysis filters (composed of polysulfone fibers) and used them in a system that purified sewage water.

Using around 300 to 400 kidney dialysis filters, sewage water put through this industrial-sized machine was found, in laboratory tests, to be completely free of any bacterial and viral contamination.

Having made several trips to rural villages in need, Dr. Levin understood how water poverty has detrimental impacts to virtually every aspect of life — from health, to education, to income. Dr. Levin and Linda had a proposition for NUFiltration: Could they create a smaller version that could generate clean and safe drinking water for people living in rural communities with no electricity?