Easter of Peace

Easter of Peace Photo
Easter of Peace Photo
Easter of Peace Photo
Easter of Peace Photo

The Story

EVENT DATE: Apr 24, 2011

DEADLINE TO GIVE: Apr 21, 2011

The recent pacifications of various Rio de Janeiro favelas (slums) made international headlines last November. An area that suffered extreme violence and devastation was Complexo do Alemão in the north of Rio de Janeiro. The community is slowly starting to rebuild itself, and many residence are hoping that things will be better now! Since Easter is a celebration of rebirth and new beginnings, we feel it would be appropriate to create an event that symbolizes this dawn of a new day! We are going to create the first Easter of Peace celebration for the children of Complexo do Alemão!

                                                       WHAT CAN YOU DO TO HELP?

Spread the word:
Share this fund raising event in your favourite social networks and help us spread the word!

There are more than 1000 children in Complexo do Alemão. We will buy toys and sweets. Furthermore, we are also planning various activities including face painting, dancing, cooking, basic english classes, treasure hunts, hopscotch, and easter egg painting! In order to realize our plans we need financial support! Everyone little bit helps and your donation will not be rewarded!

If you are in Rio de Janeiro:
Drop by at Casa do Caminho (Farme de Amoedo 50 in Ipanema) if you would like to make cash or gift donations!