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Eastern Queens Alliance Inc

United! Mobilized! When working together is better!

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The  Eastern Queens Alliance is a coalition of civic associations that  joined forces in 1989 to address problems, issues and concerns that  defied boundaries and plagued all or most of our communities. We know  that it is in working together that we have the strength to confront the  issues, negotiate viable solutions, and if necessary, agitate to bring  pressure to bear to achieve our goals. We are a proactive organization,  striving to be ever vigilant to prevent problems before they become  entrenched. In doing so, we collectively enlist the aid of elected  officials, as well as all of the government and private agencies who are  charged with the responsibility and/or have the resources to assist  us.


To  unify, organize, mobilize and utilize the talents and potentials of all  of the residents, civics, neighborhood associations, businesses, clergy  and service providers in the area in order to bring about  self-determination by acting in concert on mutual concerns and issues;  to use the instruments of power to maintain, preserve, and develop the  economic, political, social, moral and cultural stability of the  communities within the area; to maintain, stabilize, develop and improve  the area's physical environment; to monitor, urge and support the  improved delivery of services by the Community Board, elected officials   and all city, state and Federal agencies that make decisions which  impact upon the lives of those residing in the area.