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*Note: The Colorado Cross-Disability Coalition is a partner, friend, and the nonprofit fiscal sponsor of the East Colfax Community Collective (ECCC).

Help protect & preserve the spirit of the East Colfax business community! 100% of donations will directly support small businesses in East Colfax. Donations are tax deductible.

Who We Are

The East Colfax Community Collective (ECCC) is a newly formed grassroots, community-led organization of local non-profits, immigrants, refugees, small business leaders, renters, homeowners, and the allies that support us.

Our mission is to ensure that policy decisions in East Colfax are driven by the diverse community members who call East Colfax home.

Our Story

ECCC advocates for equitable and inclusive engagement with the East Colfax community in all policy spaces. We believe that those most impacted by policy decisions should always have a seat at the table and agency over our own lives.

We formed in October of 2019 due to the essential need to organize, add protections against displacement, and establish urgency around construction and preservation of affordable housing in Denver’s East Area Plan, the 20 year development plan for the East Colfax corridor including the neighborhoods of East Colfax, Hale, Montclair and South Park Hill.

The ECCC has worked hard to unite the diverse leadership of the East Colfax corridor and has built a truly multilingual and multicultural organization. Our meetings are well attended and held in multiple languages that represent the Ethiopian, Latino, Eritrean, Afghani, Rohingya, Burmese, Karen, Indonesian, Congolese, Ally, and Karenni communities.

About the East Colfax Small Business Community

There are approximately 200 community-serving businesses in East Colax. 

The majority of business owners identify as an immigrant and/or refugee. And, nearly half are owned or co-owned by women. ECCC’s small business leaders have been meeting with the City of Denver to advocate for more protections and funding for local businesses facing displacement.

A stroll down Colfax (between Colorado and Yosemite) and you’ll find delicious, authentic multicultural restaurants, corner store bodegas, experienced tattoo artists, friendly barber shops, and hair salons that are an integral part of the fabric of our neighborhood. East Colfax embodies the true essence of our community and these businesses have always been there to support us.

We are all in this together and have a real opportunity to protect and preserve the spirit of the East Colfax small business community.