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Dv8 Kitchen Vocational Training Foundation Inc

Life Changing Food

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DV8 Kitchen Vocational Training Foundation strives to help people recovering from substance abuse to redirect their lives by offering "second-chance employment." These individuals are systematically overlooked, yet they are often highly capable. DV8's mission is to recognize their value and provide addicts with the means to get their lives back on track.

DV8 Kitchen is a non-profit restaurant located in Lexington, KY that serves all-day breakfast sandwiches. The business was developed and operates as a second chance employment opportunity for people who are trying to redirect their lives. For these people, it is often difficult for them to find employers willing to take a chance on them, yet DV8 works to shatter the stigma that people in the recovery community are untrustworthy and incapable of holding a job.

DV8 Kitchen not only provides employment to people in recovery in hopes of furthering their journey to recovery, but also the restaurant aims to serve amazingly delicious foods to its customers. From warm, gooey cinnamon rolls topped with cream cheese frosting to fresh baked loaves of bread to spicy fried chicken General Tso Tacos, DV8 truly does offer "life-changing food" - in more ways than one.