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Dust Devil Ranch Sanctuary for Horses

"Hope for Tomorrow"

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What is Dust Devil Ranch Sanctuary for Horses

Dust Devil Ranch Sanctuary for Horses is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization established to prevent cruelty to animals through rescue, rehabilitation, adoption and/or retirement of abused or starving horses.

Our ranch is located in Cedar City, Utah where we assist in placement and transport of horses in our community and throughout Southern Utah and surrounding states. We work with local law enforcement, animal control, veterinarians and other rescue groups such as Best Friends Animal Society in Southern Utah, HSUS, ASPCA and Days End Farm Horse Rescue.

The horses and other animals at Dust Devil Ranch have some extraordinary stories and journeys. Many have special needs and their time here at the sanctuary helps them heal and regain their confidence and calmness. Spending time with these horses is a real treat, both for visitors and the animals themselves. 

Our Work

The work of Dust Devil Ranch is supported 100% through the kindness and compassion of individual donors. The generous support of hearts and hands of people like you make it possible to make certain that the horses that come under our care will never again suffer.

On any given day, Dust Devil Ranch cares for a population of 25 to 40 horses that come to us through animal control and other humane agencies from situations of abuse and neglect.

It’s common for them to require 3–6 months of critical care from the time they arrive, and many also have special requirements. On average, our vet bills run somewhere between $500–$1,500 per month. Other ongoing ordinary expenses include feed, supplies, shoeing and foot care and trainers.

A concerted effort between our horse rescue, its volunteers and the generous help from our veterinarians, trainers and farriers helps these horses recover their health, regain their spirit and become useful again in life.

Our Goal for the Horses We Rescue

Our ultimate goal is to find permanent homes for every horse that arrives at the ranch. Those horses that are ‘unadoptable’ because of the severity of their health and physical limitations live out their lives here on the ranch or go to foster homes.