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Durham Islamic Centre

Durham Islamic Centreis one of the largest voluntary sector -wide providers of housing with care for older people, committed to alleviating isolation

Dear Brothers and Sisters

The Blessed Month of Ramadan is here again and is a great opportunity for acquiring good deeds once again from the success of your donations last year thanks to Allah we managed to feed 174 families with food aid or medications for those who were struggling. With the ongoing war in Yemen and the great suffering that its people are facing, we have once again set up an emergency food parcel service to help feed those suffering in Yemen through our friends and families who are based in Yemen. 

To help feed a family in Yemen - the cost per food parcel is between £20 to £30

Likewise, we are also collecting Zakat al-Mal to be distributed to the poor and needy within Yemen.

Food Parcel / Zakatul Maal

Please give generously and help save lives in Yemen this Ramadan. May Allaah aid us all and may HE be pleased with us and forgive us for all of our shortcomings

BarakAllahu feekom / God bless you