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Durango Discovery Museum

MakerLab COVID-19 Response Team

www.powsci.org Tax ID 84-1310757


The MakerLab COVID-19 Response Team has been inventing and prototyping to suport our health care facilities. We are  field testing the completed products, acquiring raw materials, building  a core organizational team, coordinating with medical professionals, and discussing ideas and strategies. We are working with  local area medical professionals to help 3D print and rapidly develop parts and protective gear that will end up being in short supply. Ryan Finnigan, our Director, has been working  with an international team of makers, engineers, inventors, and medical professionals and they've been rapidly laying out engineering specs, prototyping, designing, and organizing efforts. Now it's time to turn attention locally and support our medical professionals, who expect to have a tough run coming up, as our hospitals are pushed to their capacity, and supplies run low.  Understanding specific local needs is paramount in this effort. Other initiatives include launching educational content and kits for families stuck at home, and potentially providing safe, one on one educational child care services for people working in the medical fields. Supporting our medical professionals and their families is of the utmost importance in the coming weeks. We will be rapidly identifying and rolling out new initiatives as needs are identified. We need your support to continue to fund this rapidly expanding project that will protect our healthcare workers and our community. We will get through this together!