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Giving kids a fighting chance is my passion – boxing is the tool I use to make my passion into a reality.


Downtown Boxing Gym is a safe haven for our kids to come to daily. With help from the community, we provide each and every child a meal, academic support and one-on-one tutoring, mentoring, and physical training. Most importantly, it provides a family atmosphere where they thrive and build self-confidence.


I believe that it really does take a village to raise a child, especially in today’s economy when so many parents are out of work or in jobs that barely keep food on the table. We need to expand our village, and I’m hoping you’ll join us.


While it costs about $4,000 for each student to be in our program, not one of our 65 kids pay a dime. If you know our neighborhood on the east side of Detroit, you know why.


We have over 150 kids on a waiting list. To be honest, one of the hardest things for me is telling a family there’s no room for their child.


We also had to stop picking up the kids and driving them to the Gym. We just can’t afford the gas and are struggling to just keep the lights on and the doors open.


And, talking about the building, we’re bursting out of our seams in our current gym.


I would love a space where we wouldn’t have to turn anyone away, where our three tutors have a quiet space to work with the kids, even separate locker rooms for the boys and girls instead of the cubby hole off the kitchen that they currently use.


All of this is to give these kids the best chance possible to succeed. They deserve a space that is full of life and beauty, where they feel respected!


I believe that once you give a kid that taste of success and the tools they need to succeed, they won’t stop until they reach their goals!


Become part of our family, the support system that holds up my precious kids! They deserve a fighting chance!


Thank you,


Coach Khali