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Driftseed is a 501c3 non-profit working to empower women and girls through education and storytelling.

www.driftseed.org Tax ID 47-4989231


At Driftseed, we believe powerful stories, told with compassion, can carry ideas quickly over vast distances. Like the driftseeds whose name we’ve borrowed, we hope our documentary work will disperse to far away places, take root, and build a more safe, just and equitable world for all.

WALK A MILE: Driftseed is currently supporting "Walk A Mile", a 26-episode documentary web series for women's economic empowerment.  Social entrepreneur and adventure traveler, Mallory Brown, will walk a marathon, one mile at a time, with 26 working women around the globe.  Each episode steps into the daily life of a woman fighting for a better life and showcases how women are the key to pulling their communities out of poverty.  All 26 episodes will end with a call-to-action where viewers can join the movement to help working women globally. Contributions made to Driftseed on behalf of "Walk A Mile" are charitable, tax-deductible donations.