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Dream Corps

We bring people together across racial, social, and partisan lines to create a future with freedom and dignity for all. Support us!

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Dream Corps closes prison doors and opens doors of opportunity. We bring people together across racial, social, and partisan lines to create a future with freedom and dignity for all.

Generations of systemic racism has taken a sledgehammer to the freedom, health, and wealth of Black Americans. Our three programs work in concert to undo this damage by closing prison doors and opening doors of opportunity:

There is growing awareness that our criminal justice system inflicts violence on Black and Brown communities while costing too much and failing to reduce crime. Dream Corps #cut50 is currently working on bipartisan legislation to demilitarize and reform policing, while amplifying the voices of Black and Brown communities who note that policing reform is just the start. We continue to lift up solutions to scale back mass incarceration and free up resources for community investments, while reducing crime and recidivism. We focus on solutions that appeal to conservatives who value liberty, as well as progressives who value justice.

Dream Corps #cut50 was the driving force behind the one truly bipartisan victory for Black and Brown communities in the Trump era. We are a bipartisan effort to cut crime and incarceration across all 50 states. We bring together leaders impacted by the criminal justice system with unlikely allies to push for policing and criminal justice solutions.

Dream Corps Green For All began with the dream that millions of Black and Brown youth would land in green jobs, not in jails. Today, we fight for a world that is green for all, not green for some. We work at the intersection of the racial justice, economic, and environmental, movements to advance solutions to poverty and pollution.

As a society, we have over-invested in criminal justice and dirty fuels, and under-invested in Black and Brown communities. Environmental racism means these communities suffer the most from pollution and the climate crisis, while often benefiting the least from the growing clean economy. We advocate for strong, resilient, and healthy neighborhoods through policy work that ensures as the clean economy grows, it brings good jobs, better health, and opportunity to Black, Brown and low-income communities. We are currently advocating for state and local clean-transit solutions and for federal response measures that prioritize clean-energy investments in Black and Brown communities.

Dream Corps TECH was born in the wake of the murder of Trayvon Martin to undo the racist image that Black youth in hoodies are dangerous, while young white men in hoodies are potential tech entrepreneurs. Today, we are a national program cultivating future leaders and entrepreneurs from underrepresented backgrounds and creating a pipeline of diverse talent that will shift the culture of the tech sector.

The systemic racism baked into our economy leaves Black and Brown Americans disproportionately trapped in low-wage jobs, despite their talent and creativity. Experts also warn of the potential new, high-tech manifestations of prejudice and algorithmic discrimination. We work to counter these trends in partnership with technology industry leaders who recognize the need to diversify their workforce. We empower and train untapped, underrepresented talent from Black, Brown, and low-income communities to enter the technology- fueled economy.


Dream Corps believes that together we can lead our country to reach its fullest potential. Together we can create a place where “we the people” means all of us. We believe that freedom and dignity for all communities is possible, where everyone has their basic needs met and we are free and able to pursue our dreams. We envision a future where everyone has the freedom to thrive on a healthy planet. We know this must be done together, and not apart.

Diversity is the source of our nation’s strength. We want to live in an America where we respect one another’s beliefs, cultures, and expressions of self. Where we enthusiastically celebrate and grow strong from the richness of our differences and connect deeply through our shared humanity. We believe that when we face our problems together, we can repair our democracy and create a future that works for everyone.

We must heal the deep divides in our country. While recognizing the battleground issues that divide us, we remain focused on the common ground solutions that unite us. We believe that what’s at stake is not just the American Dream, but the dream that is America.

Dream Corps is building the future we are all dreaming of.