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DOVA International Charities, Ltd



Our current Mission: Dova International Charities, Ltd is raising money to fund  a project in the city of Teleskuf  in the Nineveh plain in Iraq for a Chaldean Catholic Church to build a  playground for Christian children in their devastated city so they have a  place to play and heal from the scars of war.

Christians still face devastation in Nineveh Plain of Iraq after ISIS attacks.  They need your help to rebuild their villages.

In the Nineveh plain of Iraq, many towns and villages were  attacked and destroyed by ISIS.  The Christian village of Teleskuf is  one of those devastated villages. Teleskuf was attacked and captured by  ISIS in both 2014 and 2016.  Fortunately the jihadis were driven out  during both occasions.

After two years of its liberation from ISIS, the Nineveh Plain area  still needs much help. Christians in the region need your help so that  all the people of the Nineveh Plain can remain in their homes, and those  who have been displaced outside the region can return to it. The  Children have been especially hit hard.