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Doubting Thomas Research Foundation

Investigating Biblical history and bringing compelling evidence to light.

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The Doubting Thomas Research Foundation's purpose is to research Biblical history, specifically possible reconciliations between the Biblical accounts, and modern understandings of history and science.

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational organization. We do not engage in proselytism.

We have taken multiple trips to a location in Saudi Arabia and have identified, in person, evidence of Moses and the Exodus at Jabal Maqla. The mountain’s blackened peak, the split rock, golden calf site, etc. all offer a great deal of evidence that this is the Mountain of Moses.

In addition to in-person exploration, we are always adding new scholarship on the subject to our websites. Scholars from all walks of life have taken an academic interest in this subject and are actively contributing to the existing body of research. We also have our own in-house team of researchers working to further investigate the historical record about Mount Sinai’s true location.

We've compiled all of the research on Mount Sinai onto our website, and have also produced a documentary film with stunning visuals that make Mount Sinai come to life.

The Foundation was founded by Ryan Mauro, a national security analyst and director of the Clarion Intelligence Network. The Clarion Project is not affiliated with, nor offers endorsement of, the Doubting Thomas Research Foundation’s work.