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The Story

What have you been putting off in your life that you just can't ignore another day? Is there something holding you back from fully living your life? Do you want to challenge yourself to make a change with support from your friends all while raising funds for a life-saving cause?


#DoTheLifeThing - Challenge yourself. Take a chance. Make a change now.  


SETUP YOUR OWN FUNDRAISER: Select this option to create a fun-raising experience that benefits you, others & Donate Life Maryland.  Choose your own personal challenge, take a chance to overcome it and make a change now by accomplishing it - all while raising funds and awareness for Donate Life Maryland! 


After you setup your own fundraiser, be sure to share your #DoTheLifeThing challenge with EVERYONE via social media including videos, posts, tweets & pics. Be warned though, once you share this challenge with your friends, there's no turning back, you're accountable for making this change happen ;)  The more people you tell, the more successful you will be at overcoming your challenge and raising funds!


DONATE TO A FUNDRAISER: So you want to help but just aren't ready to create your own challenge? No problem. You can still join us by donating to one of our amazing teams.  Select the 'Donate to a Fundraiser' option, chose a team and select the donation amount.  You'll be helping someone face their challenge while raising funds for this meaningful cause.


Come on, join us. 

Here's some examples of some #DoTheLifeThing challenges but feel free to be creative.


·         Speak in Public

·         Defy the Heights

·         Ride a Glass Elevator

·         Go Skydiving

·         Do a High Dive

·         Touch a Bug

·         Give a Stranger a Hug

·         Get a Tattoo

·         Read Your Teen Diary Aloud

·         Watch a Scary Movie in the Dark

·         Go on a Juice Fast

·         Ride a Ferris Wheel

·         Divulge a Secret

·         Visit a Haunted House

·         Be Technology-Free for a Week

·         Perform in Public

·         Spend Nothing for a Day

·         Quit Coffee

·         Eat a Unique Food

·         Go Bungee Jumping

·         Dye Your Hair Green

·         Wear No Makeup For a Week

·         Go on a Blind Date

·         Stop Smoking

·         Don’t Shave

·         Call and Apologize

·         Become a Mentor

·         Climb a Mountain

·         Start Exercising

·         Run a Marathon

·         Go Back to School

·         Volunteer

·         Find & Create Your Own Personal Challenge

·         Have a Meaningful Conversation About End-of-Life Decisions


No matter what challenge you chose, please be sure to:

  • Select a challenge that is safe and will not cause harm to you or others.
  • Share your challenge with your friends, family & co-workers both in-person and via social media.  It's easy to back out of a challenge when no one knows about it but when you share with your friends, you've now got a support group to help you and hold you accountable for achieving your goals.      
  • Document and share your challenge and progress via videos, tweets, posts, pics & even GoPro!  Tag your social media updates with #DoTheLifeThing so we can help share your success.
  • Continue to remind people of your challenge and that you need their help!
  • Use this as a moment to share your support for organ, eye & tissue donation and register to #DonateLife at