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Paul Orpiada's Do School Fellowship in Germany

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EVENT DATE: Apr 27, 2014

Paul Andrew Orpiada


About Me

I am Paul Andrew Chavez Orpiada, 23 years old. I graduated Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship at the Ateneo de Naga University, Naga City Philippines in 2011 through the scholarship support of Madrigal Foundation. I was one of the Ten Outstanding Students of Bicol in 2011, an award given by Ako Bikol Partylist in cooperation with CHED. Currently, I work as a Program Officer at the Kolping Society Philippines, Inc., a church-based Non-Government/Development Organization that offers technical-vocational, livelihood and formation trainings. I am also a scholar of the Bicol Consortium of Development Initiatives, Inc. at the Bicol University for its Diploma Course in Local Government Management. As part of of my advocacy in the promotion of entrepreneurship, arts, and community development, I am running Karaw Artventures, a social enterprise that gives and shows love by combining arts with passion to take part in community development advocacies. It is centered in empowering the Naga City District Jail residents to create artistic products from upcycled materials. 

The core of my advocacy is my passion for the arts, combined with environmental concern, social entrepreneurship and community development. As a child, I have been very much inclined to do creative stuff. I love to draw and to join different art contests. And these transcended throughout my youthful years,most especially in school. It amazes me to see different colors trying to catch my attention to its various forms and feel. As I have involved myself into volunteer works, I have seen and learned that there are a lot of issues in our society that need to begiven attention and to be resolved, such as the lack of opportunities for the less privileged individuals and the constant environmental degradation happening around us. Thus, my passion to serve grew.

Your Financial Support and my Venture Idea

I am glad to share to you that I was selected to participate in the prestigious One-Year DO School Fellowship Program, specifically the Green Store Challenge. This is a program organized by the DO School, a German educational institution that provides learning and develops new breeds of individuals, coming from different countries, who are committed to bring positive impacts in the society. The program will be in a form of training and will serve as an avenue to inspire and encourage creativity among participants and provide outlets for ideas. The said event will take place on April 27 to July 6, 2014 in Hamburg, Germany but the program will be conducted in two phases: the Incubation Phase which is the two-month training in Hamburg and the Implementation Phase which will be conducted in the participants’ home countries.

The DO School has granted me a full scholarship that will cover the entire tuition cost of the one-year program (amounting to about EUR 12,000 or PHP 732,000). In addition, they will provide for my transportation to the DO School Campus in Hamburg from and to the Philippines. Although I have been granted with the scholarship and airfare for the returning flights, I will be responsible for organizing and paying for my visa, health and travel insurance and in covering my personal costs of living (accommodation, meals, and daily transportation) during my stay in Hamburg. 

It is in my pursuit of realizing my participation to this once in a lifetime opportunity that I have made this campaign to seek any support for this worthwhile purpose and to pursue the full implementation of my venture idea. I am aiming to raise funds in the amount of at least EUR 3,000 which I think could be enough to cover my living expenses in Germany.

The Do School Fellowship Program

Through the Green Store Challenge, Fellows will connect with leading experts on a variety of topics including the environmental impact of construction materials and recycling systems, as well as sustainable interior design and retail operation. Fellows will conduct research to identify and understand the status quo of H&M, and its vision of sustainability, in the context of available best practices regarding sustainable design and operation. Based on these learning experiences, the Fellows will brainstorm, identify, and test ideas for a Green Store prototype and put them to a real life test for a week in a German H&M store. Focus will lie on finding a viable solution that is innovative, scalable, economical and one that fits within the existing H&M Germany framework by focusing on the aspects of idea generation, interior concept & design, communication and operation in store, as well as training of the staff and evaluation of the prototype.

The Impacts

The support that can be generated through this endeavor would mean a lot in the fulfillment of my desire to continuously enhance my skills and actualize my learning. This will definitely bring me further to the development not just of myself but also to the ones whom I serve. At the same time, it will be my greatest pride to represent my country in this intercultural learning exchange. In return for the good favor that funders could provide to me, I would be very much willing to support any initiative that that they may consider worth undertaking in the future, to continue to be an inspiration to others through my works and eventually be able to concretely support others who will be meeting the same kind of opportunity as I did.   

More about Karaw Artventures

Karaw ArtVentures is a social enterprise that gives and shows love by combining art enthusiasm with passion to take part in community development advocacy and promotion of environmental sustainability. It is centered in empowering the Naga City Jail residents to create innovative and artistic products from recyclable materials. Recyclable materials such as old textiles and outdated posters are given a wide range of decorative styling for them to become creative and useful items. Through the advocacy on recycling, Karaw ArtVentures is able to respond productively to the alarming deterioration of the environment.

The enterprise carries a vast array of designs that are throughout, diverse and current. These designs cater not only to the Bicolanos and Filipinos who share common love for arts, aesthetics, environment, and fashion but to all nationalities and cultures as well. It is known to all that engaging into an art business venture offers a progressive growth because art is a people’s way of life. Hence, it will never be outdated.

“We empower people through ART.”

Karaw ArtVentures uses art as a tool to empower its stakeholders. It provides career and training opportunities to the inmates of the Naga City Jail, with the strong belief that social progress can be achieved by empowering its stakeholders to collaborate and improve their outlooks in life by providing them opportunities for self-growth.

Karaw Artventures: Life is an Artplay!

Below you will see a presentation of what I am doing in Karaw Artventures:

The Ragpet Project

As budding entrepreneurs with many ideas in mind, our group decided to focus on one of its many projects, which is The Ragpet Project that presents the so-called “Ragpets.” Hence, Karaw’s bestseller. Ragpets appeal to the market the most, with their unique features and trendy designs. Ragpets are novelty and gift items that are incorporated to merchandises like t-shirts and keychains/pins and bags. Ragpets are made from old buttons and used cloth/rags and other recyclable materials. Every Ragpet is handcrafted, unique and distinct from others. For every Ragpet, there is an attached description of who they are and what they do – a profile information on which the buyers could relate themselves with and could spark curiosity about the products. Every Ragpet has a story to tell. Although they are made from rags, we make sure that they are always filled with love.

The cute and charming Ragpets are amazing examples of what recycling can do. The materials for their unique features are rags, combined with creativity, ingenuity, and childish fun. Karaw’s Ragpet Project is an advocate of recycling and sustainability. It only uses scrap materials from old, torn, and used fabrics to help lessen the garbage in the surroundings. Old buttons and other scrap items are used to accessorize these rags and give them new life as they are skillfully sewn together to become Ragpets. Thus, they can be considered not only as keepsake items but as pet buddies that are filled with love and ready to share this love to the ones who would adopt them. 


Our Stakeholders

The community that we help in Karaw Artventures is the community of woman inmates of the Naga Cirty District Jail. We want to address the lack of opportunities and reformation activities for the woman prisoners at the Naga City Jail and the social wall that is created between them and their family members throughout the course of serving their sentence. We were able to identify them based from our exposure to community development involvement. We thought that, among those who are socially excluded, the prisoners are one of the most neglected sectors. With the goal of helping them to become:

Our upcycled products:

We have collaborations with other organizations that conduct art and play therapy with children. Such as our project for the children survivors of typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, the Aurora Project.

Through our works, we do not just help in addressing the needs of communities for livelihood opportunities or provide a coping mechanism for children who are victims of disasters or abuse, we also uplift the value of artistry through fashion through our various products.


I am inviting funders to help me realize more for my venture idea. By helping me get into the Do School Fellowship Program, it will serve as an inspiration for me to continuously develop myself to be of service to others and to show that my advocacy can bring people to a realization that together, we can make a difference! 

Please share this campaign!

Even if you cannot directly support my campaign and mission to raise the fund I need, sharing this with your friends and families help me transmit my message to everyone. Thus, giving others a chance to support as well. 

I sincerely appreciate you for taking time in reading this campaign. If you are interested in sponsoring me or have any inquiries, you may reach me at +63 999 989 7785 with email address at

See Karaw Artventures works on Facebook at Life is an Artplay!

Please share, and thank you so much for taking the time to learn a bit about what I am up to and wanting to accomplish in this endeavor!



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