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Divine Grace in Action

What if We were a Dog... Would you help Us ?

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You know ...? You can do anything !

Sounds too good to be True, Right ? But literally, you can do ANYTHING. Uhh, Wait don't get too happy, A condition implies here. YOU CAN ONLY DO THINGS WHICH YOU WANT TO. And that could be anything.

You 'r smart enough to understand it...

Now, Let's hoop into Our Topic Now...

Let's do a Simple Math's first.  Suppose you have a Glass of Water and you gave few drops of it. Will it make even a small difference for you ? Of course, No.

Now just think, If everyone gives a few drop of Water then We can create a Lake with it. And that Lake will be a Savior for thousands of People who even don't have access to a drop of Water. You should be able to relate it what We are doing here. We 'r on a mission to create that Big Lake and it's nearly impossible without You because every Drop counts.

Ok, Time for *late* Intro Now !

We are DGIA (Divine Grace in Action). We have been around for more than 6 years. Actually, We used to do all our works Offline but then We thought to move to Online for more improvement. Literally, We have already made a huge progress after switching our fundraising Campings to Online and We know know that You will help us make it more Awesome.

For More Information, Feel free to visit our Website or Email Us: admin@divinegrace.live