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Community Disaster Preparedness Foundation

Supporting and Planning Disaster Preparedness and Response at the Community Level.

https://www.disasterprep.org Tax ID 81-2808902


The Community Disaster Preparedness Foundation is dedicated to promoting disaster preparedness by organizing, training, and equipping neighborhood disaster response teams.

We will work in conjunction with and support Community Emergency Response Team programs, coordinators, volunteers, and teams to design supplemental training for the public and improve team organization, training, and communications.

Our goal is to introduce and promote community training, organization, preparedness, and disaster radio communications.

To do so, we will put on first-aid, other classes, and drills aimed at improving community and volunteer training.

We also work with neighborhood councils and other partners to obtain and maintain a range of community radio repeaters and neighborhood caches of disaster supplies and equipment.

Furthermore, we will create opportunities for community members to purchase relevant radio equipment and preparedness supplies at discounted prices to better their communication and response abilities in a disaster.