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Disability Resources, Inc.

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Disability Resources, Inc. has worked in the local Reno/Sparks area since 1993. Our organization is committed to helping children and adults with disabilities achieve their highest potential through the development of individualized goals and supports. The individuals within our multi-layered programming have been diagnosed with severe, chronic disability that is attributed to mental or physical impairments. Our programs focus on a person-centered approach knowing that each person is unique and might need different supports.

Our agency operates a Job Development Training where people with disabilities are paid as an intern to learn skills associated with the world of work. The model implemented at Disability Resources, Inc supports our interns, the community, and develops a way to give back to others. A vital teaching moment for the people who intern is that they are earning a paycheck; they are able to work and feel the satisfaction by being able to support their own needs. All of our interns live on a fixed income provided by the state which limits opportunities to take vacations, go to the movies and even being able to make their own choices. At Disability Resources, Inc we are working directly with our interns to provide chances to explore and live their lives to their highest potential. The work done by our interns is brought to us by the generous donations from our businesses to the local community member who has a computer or hard drive to dispose. With our excellent reputation, the community provides us with ample opportunities to continue to maintain our business structure. This directly correlates to the success of our interns who are learning the needed skills to find future competitive employment. In addition, we are able to give back to those who do not have access or means to technology through our Computer Giving Program. This allows us to pay it forward as an agency.

At Disability Resources, Inc. we have found a way to utilize everything that we receive in an innovative and environmental friendly manner. When donations arrive, we have our interns work on cleaning up the hard drives to help reconfigure the computers. The parts deemed unable to salvage are recycled. The computers or associated components which are in good working order are sold at our storefront, New2U Computers, at significantly low rates. From the cardboard to the computers, our organization ensures that every item serves its full purpose; we continue to work on how we can sustain our model through selling metal, recyclables, the computers, and individual components. As an organization that is striving to stretch resources as much as possible, Disability Resources is working on being the best steward for donor dollars and recycled equipment.