Dirty 30 Donation Drive

Dirty 30 Donation Drive Photo

The Story

EVENT DATE: Jul 22, 2017

Everyone, this is it. It's finally my Dirty 30.


As I've aged, I've realized that most things don't really bring happiness. To be honest, at 30 I probably have most every thing I'll ever need. So, this event is not really about me, per se. It's about the wonderful people in my life and making a difference in our community. I don't want any presents (though I will make exceptions for food and liquor items.) The only (other) two things I want are: (1) my wonderful friends and (2) to help out our community.


If you can't decide between the National Alliance to End Homelessness, the Semper Fi Fund, or the Animal Welfare Institute; you should still donate a few dollars if you can. Some of my favorite charities not listed above include:


The Heidelberg Project,
The Detroit Zoo,
The Detroit Institute of Art,
Fisher House Foundation,
Planned Parenthood,
Fish & Loaves Food Bank, and the
Michigan Humane Society.


Even if you aren't interested in any of those, feel free to donate to any charity of your choice in the Dirty 30 spirit.