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Dignity Period Inc

Bringing dignity to girls in Ethiopia and beyond.



Dignity Period is a not-for-profit organization based in St. Louis, MO, whose mission is to keep Ethiopian girls in school by ensuring that they have access to quality menstrual hygiene products and education.

How Our Program Works:
Dignity Period believes that change can happen through a comprehensive solution to the challenges facing girls in Ethiopia and beyond. We focus on three key areas of work: Research, Pads & Education: Dignity Period conducts research, in partnership with Mekelle University, aimed at improving the lives of girls living in Ethiopia. We set out to learn the attitudes and culture surrounding menstruation. We provide education to both girls and boys to close the knowledge gap of what happens, why it happens and how to manage it. Then, we supply girls in partner schools with pad kits that include 4 reusable pads and two pair of underwear produced by the Mariam Seba Sanitary Products Factory.

Results : Since 2014 Dignity Period
•Reached over 300,000 students

•Delivered 150,000 pad kits

•Showed a 24% decrease in school absences among girls compared to boys after the educationalintervention and provision of pad kits

Impact: We are reaching new and more remote areas every day. The necessity of our work and the impact that it makes is evident in the testimonials from girls we have served. The pad kit and accompanying educational booklet costs $6.00. Your support allows us to improve gender equity in Ethiopia one girl at a time.