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To Publish, Distribute, Teach, and Preserve the works of Torkom Saraydarian.

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<p>The TSG Foundation’s focus is on a comprehensive spiritual educational program of life enhancement teachings written and designed by an internationally recognized scholar, philosopher, and author Torkom Saraydarian. </p> <p>TSG continues to be run by Gita Saraydarian, who has established a worldwide audience as a creative educator for progressive ideas, transformation, and goodwill. The Foundation’s headquarters is in Cave Creek, Arizona. Its books, study courses, and seminars are distributed and conducted throughout the world.</p> <p>The purpose of  TSG Foundation’s work is to help people to unfold their potentials and transform their life to increased happiness, joy, creativity and abundance in every way. TSG provides progressive ideas and processes — defined as those ideas which are designed for the betterment of human relationships and for humanity as a whole, through which a person is empowered to make better life choices in every aspect of life.</p> <p>The Five Pillars of TSG programs include:</p> <p>• Joy & Healing</p> <p>• Creating Prosperity</p> <p>• The Wisdom of the Zodiac</p> <p>• Stepping Into the Teaching</p> <p>• Annual Conference & Retreat at the time of Wesak</p>