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June 12, 2010

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As a family project with our 3 sons (Orley 9. Odin 7 and Oam 4) we would like to raise $11,000 for the non adoptable cats that are rescued from local shelters by Brigid's Crossing Foundation Naples Florida. We are raising this money in memory of our 3 wonderful cats, Cally, Circus and Dyna 2 which were poisoned and one which was shot by neighbors while we were living in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Here's Why:
Non-adoptable is an ugly tag on so many beautiful faces often leading to their death at shelters. Animals that have special needs, animals that have a love for the wild and want to stay that way, animals that have behavioral issues or that are FIV+ or have Feline Leukemia or who are elderly. They all can be adopted and Brigid's Crossing Foundation in Naples Florida proves that and has been a force in the community to show how these animals can live long and healthy lives despite the labels.

By giving the feral cats a nature setting and allowing them to remain feral they have proven that even the feral cats can become friendly if they choose while allowing those who are wild to the core to remain that way and not be killed because of it.

The rescue of FIV+ cats and the healthy mixing of them with other cats has shown how, as long as all cats are spayed/neutered and non-aggressive, they can live normal healthy lives with other FIV- kitties.

The cats with feline leukemia have their own property and live long and healthy lives with one cat here at BCF being 15 years old. You go Chessie! Yes, they must be separated from other non-FELV cats but they do not need to be killed for their condition. They are strong souls with a will to live.

And the elderly...c'mon...who kills just because of age?

With a new respectful, no-cage standard for animal rescue you will hear the name Brigid's Crossing more and more in the coming months to years.

And with your support now you will be able to say "yeah, I've been donating to them since they first started getting their name out there."

As a worker at Brigid's Crossing I can say that I have never seen a place so beautiful, organic, respectful and free spirited. Brigid's Crossing Foundation is a true Shangri-la for animals and all life - way to go!

Thanks ahead of time for your support.

The over 300 cats at Brigid's Crossing appreciate your help.


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DONATION: $10,871

Through my hours working at BCF I have helped to secure donations beyond this project goal. We are very happy and appreciate all of the support for Brigid's Crossing and the kitties including a trust left to the kitties at the sanctuary! Yippee! Hooray! 10 years ago




10 years ago

Joseph & Donna Borsa

Joseph & Donna Borsa


10 years ago