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Detroit Skating Club Inc

The Detroit Skating Club is one of the premier figure skating training centers in the world. Our club has had an endearing and positive influence on generations of young people for 70 years. We are very proud that our organization has thrived for this length of time as a privately owned figure skating club. We have shown impressive resiliency through several difficult decades. Over the past several years our leadership (DSC Board of Directors) and Program Directors have taken a very active approach in the strategic planning process, examining the clubs strengths and weaknesses, as well as the opportunities and threats. However, even through vigilant management no one could foresee a global pandemic coming. This unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic has been devastating to our club. Unfortunately, our current financial situation is dire. We are seeking donations to help us survive this economic challenge and maintain stability so that we can continue our figure skating legacy. The Detroit Skating Club is an integral part of United States figure skating history. Over the past 70 years, we have developed Olympic Champions, World Champions, and several National Champions. It is our goal to continue to positively impact our sport and develop champions for the future. The survival of our club depends on your assistance. Please consider supporting the Detroit Skating Club with a generous donation. Thank you in advance for your gracious support The Detroit Skating Club

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It is the Detroit Skating Club’s Mission to provide the programs and facilities that will encourage each individual to achieve his or her own goals in a safe and healthy enviornment.