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Detained Refugee Solidarity Fund

The DRSF provides direct economic and moral support to migrants and refugees detained in ICE detention centers throughout the United States.


Currently, there are over 53,000 migrants and refugees incarcerated in ICE detention centers throughout the country. These individuals are some of the most neglected and oppressed members of society, having virtually no rights or systemic support. The Detained Refugee Solidarity Fund exists to uplift and assist these vulnerable individuals. Some of the services we provide include:

1) Writing letters to detained refugees to provide moral and emotional support. To date, we have communicated with hundreds of detained refugees, receiving thousands of letters.

2) Raising funds and depositing money to detained refugees. Each detained refugee has a commissary account and can receive via money online deposits. With the money deposited, refugees can buy food, toiletries, phone calls, and other necessities. Although refugees are allowed to work in the detention centers, they are only paid $1 per day. As a result, they rarely have enough money to meet their needs. Under these conditions, a deposit as small as $10 goes a long way and can be life-changing.

3) Facilitating communication between detained refugees and family, friends, lawyers, and other organizations. Due to the limited communication detained refugees have access to and the fact that they do not have the right to legal representation, many detainees are disconnected from the outside world. As a result, detainees can not communicate with loved ones or access the resources they need to deal with their legal situation, making life in detention a lonely and frightening experience. By serving as a bridge between detained refugees and the outside world, we aim to alleviate at least some of these issues. 

4) Raising awareness and providing a narrative that humanizes migrants and refugees. One of the main goals of the Detained Refugee Solidarity Fund is to share the stories of detained refugees with the world in an attempt to challenge racist and xenophobic narratives that demonize migrants and refugees. We believe that no human being is illegal and that refugees and migrants should have the same rights as any other person. To date, we have appeared on media sources from all over the world and have also spoken and held workshops at dozens of K-12 schools and colleges. We also maintain a letter archive so people can read the first-hand accounts of detained refugees and understand the inhumanity of immigration detention centers.

Any amount you donate will have a tremendous impact on the life of someone in detention. Thank you very much!