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Descendants of Hiram James & Wallace Wilson Historical Fdn (The Wilson Pottery Foundation)

The Wilson Story continues...

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The Wilson Pottery Foundation, incorporated in 1999, is recognized and designated as a 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization by the Internal Revenue Service. We are a Heritage Foundation, which was formed by the Historical Committee of the Hiram & James Wilson Family Reunion to revitalize the rich heritage left by the Patriarchs: Hiram, James, and Wallace Wilson.

Our mission is to research, acquire, and preserve that part of Texas History made by the Wilson potters during the 19th Century. This includes, but is not limited to, the acquisition and restoration of the historic pottery sites, collecting Wilson pottery and artifacts, as well as the pottery of contemporary Texas potters, and displaying all for the enjoyment and enlightenment of all Texans, tourists, and school children.

The Wilson Pottery Museum allows us to share the  rich heritage of the Wilson Family. Thus, we  continue to seek the funding necessary to enhance the museum contents and  improve its ability to flourish.  We want to strengthen the bond among family members to create a greater  awareness of our family legacy. Our goal is to encourage separate family groups  to establish a centralized organization so that strategic planning such as fund  raising can be better accomplished.  The Foundation hopes to manage the backfill soil erosion problem at the Capote  pottery site as well as acquire its own marked piece of H Wilson Pottery.

The impact of Covid 19 presently  prevents us from being able to hold our annual Gala, Wilson Pottery Show or have museum guests. All are major fundraisers for operational expenses of this foundation, museum and historic pottery site.

We encourage you to support our endeavors to continue sharing The Wilson Story, a peice of African American History in pottery.